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Our Services

Renovato Builders has expertise in managing and building construction projects on time, safely, and respecting the client’s budget, without sacrificing quality. Our team of builders can take on all the necessary roles during a project to get the job done. Read more about each of the services our company can provide on your construction projects:

Preconstruction & Design-Build

Our team's expertise can be a valuable asset during constructability reviews, initial budgeting, schedule planning, and design refinement. We often engage and contract directly with designers, engineers, and consultants to lead and manage design efforts with the client. We recommend engaging our team as early as possible; we will ensure that the construction process takes into account the design intent before site activities even begin.

Construction Management

RENOVA is our Construction Management & Consulting Services branch that offers services for construction projects from start to finish. Our services include managing contractors, consulting on pre-lease/pre-purchase negotiations, permitting process assistance, design development leadership, early budgeting and scheduling services. Refer to www.renovamanage.com for more information on RENOVA.

General Construction

This is Renovato Builders' core service. We have experience in a variety of construction fields: commercial/industrial, multi-family, and residential development. Our subcontractors are not selected just based on pricing, but also based on their current capacity to perform on any given project and meet client's expectations; they are an extension of our team of builders.

Interior Design Services

Unlike many general contractors, we offer interior design consultation upon request through our partner MND. Our interior design services will complement the project architect's design by focusing on the client's spatial and functional needs. Clients often benefit from this service primarily on our residential projects.

Construction Urgent Resolution Expertise (C.U.R.E.) ®

At times, a client or project team may be experiencing challenges during the course of a project. Our team of experts can easily integrate their project management skills coupled with a sense of urgency to restructure an ongoing project and lead it to completion. This service has been proven effective on a variety of project types, in particular on more complex and large-scale projects.

Residential Development

Our team's focus goes beyond what the typical construction company can offer; we also enjoy servicing future homeowners in delivering turnkey residential projects from Real Estate Services through Construction. Find out more how we can educate you about current Real Estate market trends, provide you with key information regarding your Real Estate goals, and guide you from research to design and construction. Please review the attached document for more information.

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“Since its inception, Renovato Builders has been focused in providing the best possible service to our clients. Completing a project within budget and on schedule is a great accomplishment. However, there is more to construction than just delivering a project to a client. We are in the business of delivering quality.”
Leo Renovato, CEO & President

Our Approach To Successful Projects

Completing a construction project successfully depends not only on having a qualified team, but also on a detailed planning process and accurate execution meeting the design criteria and client’s requirements. Here are the steps Renovato Builders takes to ensure project teams will remain focused from design through completion:

Project Due Diligence

Before any project can commence, clients must review their ultimate goals and potential constraints in turning a project into reality. Financial needs as well as design/construction early discussions are important to define initial project requirements.

Programming & Preconstruction

With the assistance of an architect and construction expert, the client will be able to start turning their goals/requirements into more tangible project criteria. Our team will participate during this stage to inform clients of potential budget and schedule pitfalls and/or opportunities.

Design Phase

Once project requirements and basis of design are better defined, the project team will guide the client through all phases of design. We will provide constructability reviews and additional support with details refinement prior to submitting drawings to the Permitting Agency.

Permitting & Construction Planning

Within a few weeks leading to the permit set submission to the Permitting Agency, it is recommended that clients start engaging a General Contractor (if not already selected) to start planning the construction process and establishing the protocols that will need to be in place prior to on-site activities begin. It is typically during this stage that budget, schedule, and quality requirements, among other items, will be firmed up and agreed upon with the client.

Project Execution

Here is when "the rubber meets the road"! Once a building permit (or other form of official construction release) is granted, construction activities including procurement of materials becomes the General Contractor's main responsibility. Ensuring safe work practices are followed, coordination with the Permitting Agency for site inspections, and maintaining adequate project documentation are also tasks to be managed by the General Contractor in completing the project successfully.

Close Out & Warranty Period

Towards completion of the project, the General Contractor will be expected to compile a Close Out Package for the client. This package will contain warranty letters, operation manuals, as-built drawings, and any other pertinent information needed for a proper project completion turn over to the client upon final permit sign-off.

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