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At Renovato Builders, we include safety awareness and incident prevention measures as part of our daily jobsite operations. Our team takes responsibility and pride in knowing that jobsite activities are conducted in a safe manner, following Cal-OSHA guidelines, so that all workers can be productive without risking their lives. In addition, all subcontractors are provided with a copy of our Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) which is intended to highlight Cal-OSHA regulations as well as serve as a safety guide to all workers on any of our jobsites.

Safety is Part of Our Culture

Any qualified and responsible general contractor can enforce adequate safety in their jobsites. Some companies even like to brag about their EMR’s and amount of paperwork generated as part of their safety programs. However, our team’s goal is to go beyond following regulations for the sake of compliance! Our project teams have the ultimate goal of including every worker on site as part of the overall safety commitment to follow safe work habits. We make safety part of our culture, part of who we are.

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Every Incident is Preventable

Promoting safety is not an easy task. It takes more than producing documents, training personnel, conducting weekly meetings, and performing site inspections/corrective actions. We believe that a mindshift is also necessary on the part of all workers and companies involved in a given project to make a difference; a shift in thinking that every safety incident is indeed preventable given the strength of everyone’s commitment added to adequate safety protocols and clear communication on site. Our team of builders is 100% committed to providing exceptional service to our clients which includes managing projects in a safe and injury-free environment to all workers.

COVID-19 Management Plan

Renovato Builders has been diligent in following the current CDC and Cal-OSHA guidelines to minimize the risk of infection and spread of the COVID-19 virus in our project jobsites. Our team has been taking the proper precautions and adjusting our site operations to ensure all workers on our projects will continue to have a safe environment to work on even as we get through this pandemic.

Awareness & Communication

Our team’s primary concern is in ensuring the safety and wellness of everyone working on, and visiting, any of our projects. Conducting meetings on site, posting information about updates in protocols, and taking the time to answer questions to clarify CDC guidelines have become part of how Renovato Builders conducts business and operates within our community. We strive to ensure that we fully understand the risks associated with this pandemic and that we are responding promptly and accordingly to ensure the safety and health on our project sites.

We have posted and reviewed with our jobsites’ personnel the current CDC Guidelines for Business and Employees. We coordinate and share information with all our subcontractors to ensure there are no gaps in communication with the workforce and that the message distributed is clear and concise.

Our managers are always available to meet and review our COVID-19 Management Plan with both employees and subcontractors. Everyone participating in any of our projects should expect to receive clear communication regarding current CDC Guidelines.


As part of the communication process to all workers on our projects, certain preventative measures must be discussed and followed while jobsite activities are undertaken. The following list notes the current measures to be used on our jobsites based on the guidelines provided by the CDC:

  • Our teams are to provide jobsites with communication posters to help educate everyone on signs and symptoms of COVID-19 virus and adequate hand washing. In addition, we will provide information and training to employees on:
    1. cough & sneeze etiquette;
    2. avoiding close contact with sick persons;
    3. avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands;
    4. avoid sharing personal items with co-workers (i.e. dishes, cups, utensils, towels).
  • Anyone present within the project jobsite perimeter is required to wear a face mask covering mouth and nose.
  • Workers are expected to wear gloves whenever possible without creating a safety hazard when performing their tasks.
  • Renovato Builders will set up additional hand washing stations on our project sites.
  • Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds each time.
  • Our jobsite operations will include increased janitorial services for portable toilets and jobsite offices.
  • All employees whose presence on-site is not essential are working from home until further notice.
  • Any employee/worker who are sick or displaying flu-like symptoms are requested to stay home and seek COVID-19 testing. This applies not only to Renovato Builders’ workers or employees, but also to our subcontractors, designers, consultants, or anyone involved on our projects.
  • If any worker shows signs and/or symptoms of flu-like or acute respiratory illness, they will be required to be sent home immediately and provide proof of negative COVID-19 testing prior to returning to the jobsite.

We are permitting telecommuting and flexible work hours to increase physical distance among employees who need to be on site. We encourage meetings to be conducted through teleconference unless specific jobsite walk throughs are deemed necessary and CDC guidelines are followed.

Some of our project team staff (Superintendent, Safety Manager, etc) will be needed at the jobsites to coordinate and guide on-site operations under the “essential” provisions of jurisdictional emergency orders. A qualified monitor will be present at each jobsite to monitor our adherence to COVID-19 protocols and this management plan. We will work with our teams to ensure appropriate on-site coverage to maintain the safety and health of the workplace and progress of the project.

Identification, Action & Containment

Employees/workers and subcontractors are required to notify Renovato Builders if they are affected by pandemic repercussions, if they are infected by the COVID-19 virus, or if they have been exposed to someone who is infected or have traveled to an area currently experiencing an outbreak.

If an Employee/Worker is Sick or Shows Signs of Illness

If a worker calls in sick and indicates they have flu-like symptoms, they will be asked to stay home until they are symptom-free and/or see a doctor and get released. We will require positive confirmation that they are healthy before they can return to work including a negative COVID-19 test result.

If an employee states that they have been infected by the COVID-19 virus or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, we will require them to stay home, contact local health department, and they will not return to the work until they are released by a doctor and provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result.

If We Have a Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in a Jobsite

The employee/worker will be removed from the jobsite and directed not to return to the project site until they are released from medical care. We would work with that employee and/or subcontractor to follow all appropriate and required procedures.

Notifications to all project stakeholders will follow including necessary meetings to manage the exposure and understand the risk to other project members.

We will investigate the causes of the outbreak to determine the direct contact(s) the infected worker had with other workers and understand the areas that the worker performed work so we can determine potential contamination that may have occurred and apply proper disinfection of those areas. Potentially contaminated areas will be cordoned off and not be accessible by anyone on site until disinfection is completed and accepted by Renovato Builders.

If a Worker Tests Positive Who Has Worked on a Jobsite

If an employee/worker tests positive for COVID-19, we will follow CDC and local health guidelines for proper notification and investigation. We will ensure the proper steps are taken with regard to isolation; the individual will not be able to return to work until he has been released from medical care and provided proof of a negative COVID-19 test result.

In addition, we will investigate with the individual, co-workers, and employer to identify others who might have been in contact or potentially exposed to the infected worker in order to determine if additional individuals will need to be isolated and temporarily removed from the jobsite. There could be workers that may be quarantined for 14 days due to the potential exposure and we will work with those individuals before they can return to the project site.

We will also follow disinfection procedures to clean the site of the potential contaminated areas as outlined below.

Disinfection & Recovery

We have implemented additional and more frequent cleaning and sanitation on all our projects, jobsite offices/trailers and restroom facilities to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Enhanced measures include the following:

  • Routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, including door handles, stair handrails, elevator buttons, equipment control levers, tool handles, etc.
  • Increased cleaning of eating area, restrooms, and common areas.
  • Increased cleaning of personnel hoists and inside construction elevators.
  • Increased cleaning of jobsite entrances (gates and doors).
  • Increased routine cleaning of heavy equipment such as scissor lifts, ladders, forklift, etc.
  • Placement of additional cleaning products available for all workers to spray and disinfectant for commonly used tools and equipment shared by workers.

If we have a confirmed case of COVID-19, Renovato Builders will work towards understanding the area(s) that have potential contamination and work with industrial cleaning companies to disinfect the area(s) following CDC guidelines.

Depending on the location and size of area(s) that will require disinfection, the project may need to be temporarily shut down to allow the proper and safe cleaning operation to disinfect the area(s) of potential contamination.

Procurement & Schedule Disruption

Renovato Builders will assess the impact of COVID-19 on the procurement of materials by each trade partner/subcontractor. Upon client’s request and/or schedule impacts, our team will provide a report identifying the disruptions and their impact on schedule and cost.

It is our intention to work closely and find alternate ways with our subcontractors to maintain projects’ schedules as much as possible despite any repercussions from COVID-19. We appreciate everyone’s efforts and patience during this difficult time.