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Our Story

Our team at Renovato Builders is passionate about building! Let us join your project team and provide great service to all your construction needs.

Our Mission

Innovating with Passion

With a passion for building enhanced by an education in civil and structural engineering, our founder, Leo Renovato, has developed significant technical expertise over the past 25 years. While fostering long-lasting professional relationships in the San Francisco Bay Area, Leo never settled for the status quo. His eagerness for continuous improvement combined with his remarkable leadership skills, have been proven invaluable in the delivery of successful projects throughout his career. After witnessing many shortcomings in how construction is managed, Leo seized the need to assemble a construction company that would promote advancements in the industry and operate under lean construction principles. Renovato Builders was created to ultimately exceed clients’ expectations by charting its own path towards the betterment of our society.

Our Mission
A Collaborative Approach

By promoting an inclusive approach, Renovato Builders collaborates with designers, consultants, and subcontractors to resolve project challenges and guide clients through the complexities of construction activities. Our team’s experience spreads across commercial, industrial, retail, multi-family, and residential projects. We add value throughout the life of a project by offering access to experts for clients’ entire range of needs, from construction management to interior design.

Core Values

INNOVATE – Ingrained into our culture is the belief of continuous improvement. The construction industry can be slow to adopt new methods to improve the delivery of projects. Our team considers every project as an opportunity to refine previous methods. This approach offers clients better quality, streamlined processes, and higher profitability.

SIMPLIFY – A construction project can become derailed by bureaucracy and the web of protocols. Our objective is to counsel clients through these complexities, so they become better informed when making decisions. Renovato Builders thoughtfully processes challenges to identify a simpler path for clients to achieve their objectives.

FOCUS – The lack of leadership will prolong a project and negatively impact budget and quality.  Our team’s leadership delivers renewed focus to a project team by offering clear direction, discernment of priorities, and clarity in the design-making process.  We call this focused leadership.

SERVICERenovato Builders’ commitment to clients goes beyond completing tasks and delivering projects. Building trustworthy relationships with clients and partners is the heartbeat of our company.

Building With Us

Preconstruction & Design-Build Expertise

We are equipped to engage on projects during the early design stages. Getting our team to join the project as early as possible provides benefits such as constructability reviews, aligning budgets and schedules succinctly, and design details refinement.

Customization and Adaptability

We recognize that every project is unique. Our team’s vast experience enables us to provide flexibility in fulfilling clients’ requests and potential changes efficiently, without sacrificing the project’s deliverables.

Lean Construction Culture
Renovato Builders values their clients’ time and investment. That is why our team utilizes lean construction principles with the aim of decreasing time, effort, and waste of materials. Tools such as Pull Planning, Target Value Design, and efficient field management and site logistics have become part of how we choose to deliver our projects. Our staff is well trained in identifying “waste” in construction processes, and striving to eliminate the “waste” found to save clients money, time, and resources.
Leadership with a Sense of Urgency

We understand that completing projects on time is a high priority for our clients. Our project planning process is what distinguishes Renovato Builders from any other general contractor. We possess the field management expertise to counsel, educate and lead our clients, designers, consultants, and subcontractors to a successful project completion.

Innovative Methods

Our company’s foundation is based on fostering advancement in the construction industry. Renovato Builders is constantly searching and utilizing new methods that will effectively help in solving or improving project issues and challenges. Our investment on innovation will ultimately benefit our clients’ and partners’ bottom-line during the course of construction.

Community Involvement

Renovato Builders is committed to making an impact in their community. Our team strives to work in projects that leave the world in better shape than before. We also often get involved in charitable causes, such as our contribution as the Construction Manager for the Hummingbird Hill project for George Mark Children’s House in San Leandro.