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Renovato Builders is an avid proponent of promoting and applying innovative methods into our projects. Our staff, subcontractors and design partners are constantly looking for new or improved ways to design, manage and deliver construction projects. That is why we find it important to showcase and share our industry’s successful experiences and product developments.

Forsight uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) vision technology to solve some of the construction industry’s greatest challenges. Safety monitoring, security surveillance, and productivity-related tracking are some of the features Forsight’s AI system offers to contractors and project owners. Through the development of algorithms created in-house in conjunction with the use of high-powered cameras, Forsight is quickly becoming a much needed asset to achieve safer jobsites and establish a new way of enforcing safety standards in the construction industry. Renovato Builders is proud to be one of the first contractors to pilot test and benefit from Forsight’s technology in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Variant’s core competencies include enterprise system engineering, full-stack software development, cyber security, analytic tradecraft, and machine learning. Variant offers automated project personnel controls and monitoring capabilities which can become a burden and consume several management hours in large-scale projects. By utilizing sophisticated data engineering and machine learning models, Variant has certainly found its niche within the construction industry and other fields requiring fast and accurate management of large data quantities.