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Preconstruction &
Design-Build Expertise

Renovato Builders has expertise in managing and building construction projects on time, safely, and respecting the client's budget, without sacrificing quality. Learn more about how our services can assist your project from start to finish.

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Customization and Adaptability

Every project is unique. Every client’s requirement is important. Our approach to each project includes efficient processes as well as flexibility in fulfilling clients' requests without sacrificing the project's deliverables.

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Lean Construction Culture

Ingrained into our culture is the belief of continuous improvement. Discover how our team guides project teams to achieve better quality and higher profitability without compromising on the project’s safety.

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Leadership with a Sense of Urgency

Our companies’ breadth of building experience in the construction industry allows us to take part on a variety of project fields. Review our list of primary market sectors, and get a sense of the extend of project types our team can take on.

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Innovative Methods

We strive to deliver projects efficiently through the skilled use of innovative methods of construction. Our team is constantly searching for new or improved ways to design, manage and deliver construction projects.

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Community Involvement

One of Renovato Builders’ core values is to provide Service; Service to our clients, partners, and the community. Take a minute to read through the comments of some of our esteemed clients and colleagues.

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Efficiency Through Innovation

Renovato Builders is a California-licensed General Contractor that provides design-build & turnkey general contracting, construction management, consulting, and interior design services in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are well-known for our expertise in commercial construction projects, although our breadth of knowledge in building extends into the multi-family and residential fields. Our company’s primary goal is to foster long-lasting professional relationships with every project we embrace. Our team strives to promote innovative methods and processes to advance the construction industry. Because of this, Renovato Builders continues to shape their legacy in providing our clients with unwavering results of a job well done.

Why Build With Us

Our team at Renovato Builders is passionate about building! Here is how we set ourselves apart from the competition:

Preconstruction & Design-Build Expertise

We are equipped to engage on projects during the early design stages. Getting our team to join the project as early as possible provides benefits such as constructability reviews, aligning budgets and schedules succinctly, and design details refinement.

Customization and Adaptability

We recognize that every project is unique. Our team's vast experience enables us to provide flexibility in fulfilling clients' requests and potential changes efficiently, without sacrificing the project's deliverables.

Lean Construction Culture

Renovato Builders values their clients' time and investment. That is why our team utilizes lean construction principles with the aim of decreasing time, effort, and waste of materials. Tools such as Pull Planning, Target Value Design, and efficient field management and site logistics have become part of how we choose to deliver our projects.

Leadership with a Sense of Urgency

We understand that completing projects on time is a high priority for our clients. Our project planning process is what distinguishes Renovato Builders from any other general contractor. We possess the field management expertise to counsel, educate and lead our clients, designers, consultants, and subcontractors to a successful project completion.

Innovative Methods

Our company's foundation is based on fostering advancement in the construction industry. Renovato Builders is constantly searching and utilizing new methods that will effectively help in solving or improving project issues and challenges. Our investment on innovation will ultimately benefit our clients' and partners' bottom-line during the course of construction.

Community Involvement

Renovato Builders is committed to making an impact in their community. Our team strives to work in projects that leave the world in better shape than before. We also often get involved in charitable causes, such as our contribution as the Construction Manager for the Hummingbird Hill project for George Mark Children's House in San Leandro.

Our Services

Serving Our Clients in a Variety of Ways

Renovato Builders has expertise in managing and building construction projects on time, safely, and respecting the client’s budget, without sacrificing quality. Our team of builders can take on all the necessary roles during a project to get the job done.

Preconstruction & Design-Build

Our team's expertise can be a valuable asset at the onset of any project. We will provide early budgeting, review scheduling options, and collaborate with the design team in the development of a complete set of drawings.

General Construction

This is Renovato Builders' core service. Our breadth of building expertise ranges from commercial projects to multi-family developments and residential upgrades.

Construction Urgent Resolution Expertise (C.U.R.E.)®

We possess the necessary skills to assist on projects requiring urgent intervention and leadership.

Construction Management

RENOVA is our Construction Management & Consulting Services branch that offers services for construction projects from start to finish.

Interior Design Services

We offer interior design consultation upon request for our residential clients in need of assistance selecting finishes, reviewing spatial requirements, and procuring materials. Our attention to detail is also proven valuable when reviewing interior design elements on any project.

Residential Development

Let us help you build the house of your dreams! Contact us for assistance on preliminary market research using services of a licensed Realtor® for the design and construction of a place you will forever call "home".

Are You Ready To Build With Us?

Feel free to e-mail, call, or send us a request through our website to start a conversation about how Renovato Builders can be of service to you!


We pride ourselves in not only providing excellent service and delivering high-quality projects, but also in doing so when our clients and partners cannot wait to work with us again!

Leo is one of the smartest, most organized and driven people out there! He not only has incredible schedule and coordination skills, but does it while delivering projects with the highest quality. His energy inspires the teams he works with. He pays attention to detail and communicates exceptionally. He is a pleasure to work with and will do well wherever his path may lead!

Ashlin Braddock Project Manager, Willis Construction Company

Leo and I have collaborated on several construction projects in the last five years. His leadership skills are second to none, and his tenacity is refreshing. His attention to details and tireless efforts on each project drives each one to success. Leo is a no non-sense type leader and others tend to follow. No question, I would work with Leo time and time again!!

James Mapalo Project Manager, Rodda Electric

Having known and worked for Leo since 2006, I would highly recommend him. I worked for Leo on a high-rise project and he was by far the most organized and prepared Superintendent I have ever worked with. He is a great asset to any project he is on. Leo worked well with our own crews as well as all subcontractors. He always took the time to make sure safety was planned for and everyone knew their role.

Chris Williams Safety Manager, Peninsulators

Leo is very talented and organized. He brings a very strong computer background and planning ability to his projects. All of his projects come in on time, on budget, clean, and very sharp. Leo can also easily transition between superintendent and project manager. He is a World-Class Builder! He’s also a great guy.

Tom Malloy Operations Manager, Swinerton Builders

Leo Renovato has all the enthusiasm, leadership, experience, and skills to deliver excellent results on any given construction project. Leo is organized, great communicator and provides excellent service to clients. He will drive the project all the way through completion. Once Leo is on the job, clients will know they will get a great project.

Ted Townsend Superintendent, Landmark Builders